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PP / PE Masterbatches & Color Masterbatches, Flexo Printing &  Rotogravure Printing Inks Produced According To Pantone / Ral Catalog

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The term masterbatch refers to plastic additives in the form of granules with a high content of colorants or additives. They are added to the plastic (raw polymer) to colour it or change its properties.

Due to the exact dosing option and simple product handling, masterbatches significantly increase process reliability, for example in extrusion or injection molding.

Color Masterbatches

Our color masterbatches provide excellent results in dyeing and covering LDPE – HDPE and PP raw materials

color masterbatches
Black & White Masterbatches

We are producing PE / PP white masterbatches in concentration and color tone according to customer demand as well as with our without filler

black white masterbacthes

We are also producing additives for various type and usage places

additives for masterbatches
Printing inks are a type of inks that flows smoothly, dries quickly, and are of a consistency able to hold enough color to make printed matter legible. They are used for various type of printing processes.
Flexo Printing Inks

Our flexo surface printing inks are formulated flexo surface printing on various kinds of printing materials

flexo printing
Rotogravure Printing Inks

Our rotogravure printing inks formulated rotogravure surface printing on various kinds of printing materials

printing ink rotogravure
Auxiliary Materials

Pastes(Concentrate Printing Inks), Additives, Thinners

printing ink auxiliary

Over Print Lacquer, Over Print Matt Lacquer, Release Lacquer, Anti-Slip Lacquer, Primer Lacquer, Heat Seal Lacquer, Two Component Matt Lacquer, UV Lacquer

printing lacquers

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